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B & G Vietnamese Bride Marriage Agency is a fully registered company in Singapore.

The Founder

Mr. Koh was the Head of Department at several secondary schools prior to his retirement in April 2018.  He had received various reputable titles and awards in the course of his career and community service, of which notably are the National Day Awards by the President of Singapore and the Officer Brother Award by the Queen of England. 

Mr Koh has also represented Singapore in various international and national conferences and events, which include  the Ship for South East Asian Youth Programme, International Training Convention in England, and International Conference for Teachers in Japan.

Mr Koh is a well respected educator and community leader.  He has been held in high esteem and regards among his students and the various groups of people who have worked with him.  

Mr Koh 's late wife died in a fatal fall while inspecting their house which was undergoing renovation in 2014. Mr. Koh was devastated by his beloved wife's sudden death and lapsed into depression. Subsequently he was under the care of two psychiatrists and one psychologist. 

Together with a marriage agent, his son and daughter took turns to accompany him to Vietnam to look for a Vietnamese life partner, with the hope of assisting Mr. Koh to recover from his depression.

It was through this experience that Mr Koh saw the inefficiency and inadequacy of the marriage agent. He then decided that he would establish a marriage agency upon his early retirement.  His intention is to provide a comprehensive and professional service to those who are seeking out a Vietnamese wife through a marriage agent.

Our Service

We do not believe in an one off business model. We are in for the long haul. We truly understand that a marriage is a life long journey. We seek to provide our clients with a professional service that will meet their needs and expectations. 

We are able to accompany our client to Vietnam to meet up with their prospective marriage partner at a time convenient to them. Arrangement can also be made for the Vietnamese ladies to come to Singapore if our clients are too busy to travel. 

Free talk, sharing sessions and discussion can also be arranged without any obligation. Mr. Koh is a people-oriented person.  He just loves meeting people and making friends. 

Mr. Koh is fluent in both the English and Mandarin languages. Give him a call. Who knows? Just one call can be your life changing event. Happiness is at your court. Seize the opportunity now!

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