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Testimony of Chris Hong


I first got into contact with Mr Koh, the business owner of B&G Vietnamese Bride Marriage Agency, through a close friend, Kenny.   He had got into Mr. Koh’s company website and contacted Mr Koh for a personal consultation.  I decided to tag along for the appointment.


I was impressed by Mr. Koh’s values and commitment to his business ethos.  He is basically an educationalist at heart rather than at businessman running a marriage agency.  He wanted to be certain that we were ready to marry a Vietnamese bride.  He discussed with us the pros and cons of having a foreigner as a life partner.  


At one point, he even tried to discourage us from getting a Vietnamese bride.  From this, we were totally convinced that he was in this industry, not for the money, but rather to help lonely bachelors like us, to find a good wife.  He told us that he wanted to ensure that the Vietnamese ladies were married to a good husband.  That explained why he asked very personal and sensitive questions like our monthly income, family members, ownership of car and house etc.  He told us that he had rejected many men who did not fit into the criteria that he had set.  He did not want the marriage which he had matchmade ended in divorce due to financial issues.


Unlike other marriage agents who would gather a group of men and bring them to Vietnam to meet up with the ladies that the men had chosen, Mr. Koh only brought one guy at a time.  He wanted to provide a professional and personalized service that catered to only one client.


Mr. Koh was a very keen observer and gave excellent advice to his client.  When we were in Vietnam to meet up with my chosen lady, Mr. Koh’s wife was the interpreter while Mr. Koh observed the whole meeting proper.  He would in between chip in when there was a lull in the conversation between my prospective bride and I.  He would also encourage the lady to take a photo with me.


After the meeting, we proceeded for dinner.  Mr. Koh and his wife again observed the interaction between the lady and I.  In the night, he would share with me his observations.  He brought up the topics discussed between the lady and I as well as the body language of the lady during the meeting and dinner.


His conclusion was that I should not take that lady as my wife.  However, I was too attracted to her that my mind got the better of me.  I decided to marry her and agreed with all the conditions that she had proposed.


Mr. Koh helped me to do all the necessary documentation to get her to come over to Singapore for the registration of our marriage.  However, when all applications had been completed, the lady changed her mind.  I was very upset and was on an emotional rollercoaster.  But, Mr Koh was there to render me support.  He encouraged me to be positive and optimistic.  On his part, he immediately started to source for a lady who would match my criteria and personality.  


In the shortest of time, I was again in Vietnam to meet up with my life partner.  I was so glad that I had listened to Mr. Koh’s advice.  He guided me throughout my marriage journey.  He was patient and in fact he did not ‘scold’ me for not listening to his advice in the first meeting up.  Instead, he assisted me to do the ICA and registration of marriage applications all over again.  He even became one of the two witnesses for my Marriage Solemnization.  


I am really glad that I had chosen Mr. Koh as my marriage agent.  Now, I am happily married to a lady whom I really love and adore.  My wife is a lovely lady who cares not only for me but also my parents who are living with us.


Mr. Koh is certainly not business-minded but has my welfare and well-being at heart. We met as strangers but we are now family friends. I enjoy attending the gatherings which he and his lovely Vietnamese wife organized at his place.  These gatherings serve as a good platform for the Vietnamese ladies to savour their home-cooked Vietnamese food as well as for us guys to share our experiences in ‘managing’ our relationship with our beloved wives.


I will not hesitate to recommend Mr. Koh to any of my friends who are looking for a Vietnamese bride.  So, if you are looking for a marriage agent who cares for your welfare and well-being, contact Mr Koh.  He will not fail you.

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